“The incomparable sensation of biting the pencil”...

is and will always be irreplaceable.


I want to be a poet, which is why I fulfill the wish of being swept by the impulse of expressing myself and sharing my emotions while going through life.

As a painter, I simply look to be faithful to my own life experiences, seeking, through the materials plasticity, to start a conversation with paint, on an introspective spiral that seeks to sate my addiction to drain experiences and pull out the need to express what I feel.

Through my work, I confess to the audience the importance of each piece; hopeful that they can embrace their own emotions.

‘I write poetry to learn how to write it, and I paint to learn how to do it’.



” Sin Cuenta “

The on-process series looks forward being created during this 2019 twelve months.

The Flattery of the minimum

The Flattery of the minimum is to romp on the bosom of memories only for the pleasure of convincing oneself to keep painting for no more reason than celebrating the joy of being alive.


This plastic exercise is as banal as deep, for it feeds by digging into a sea of ‘profile pictures’ of anonymous women, who I collected motivated by the different arguments of each of their personalities.

In Dribs and Cats

In Dribs and Cats is a series that was born by the intention to honor that old practice and reengage in the graphic representation techniques, which molded me as a designer, before this project discipline was confined to a digital environment; therefore, the nostalgia of evocating the materials’’ plastic complicity.