Amedeo Modigliani

Publicado el Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It is said that, in order to comprehend art, we must comprehend painters and their work, as well as their context, and try to know the energy that motivated them to create their work; without a doubt, this is what motivates us to know more about a painting that calls us to chat with it in a very special way.

The first time I presented a nono’s individual exposition; a colleague, artist, and good friend of mine told me that he saw in my work the influence of Amedeo Modigliani, and, while wanting to look into it, I gave myself the task of studying the work of this Italian painter. I dare to say that such influence is circumscribed to the main topic of women, as well as the free management in human figure motivated, in my case, by academic limitations; but, the most surprising thing is that I had not studied it preciously, hence, what then? Where did I get his influence from? How is this possible?

These questions motivated me to know the origin of his influence, which led me to study the contemporary artists who I value the most in my creative quotes; with this, I realize that Modigliani, in a way, is present in my work through the interpretation of other painters and a narrative molded through their own experiences in a timeless crucible where different times and actors are mixed. This simple fact makes you feel like there’s a bridge between the painter and you; in addition, it makes you believe that the work was made devoted to your emotions. This is how painting is, it can either touch you or not.

As for this painter’s life, it came to my attention that his first and only individual exposition presented only nudity that showed a modern woman posing in total control of her body and with a very liberal attitude for the standards of the age, which caused not only the closing of his exposition, but also his categorizing as a laid-back moral painter.

Amedeo Modigliani leaves no doubts about the intensity with which he lived; it is enough to know that he loved to recite poetry and viewed himself as in love with it.

In addition, he liked to work, almost exclusively, with models, drink excessively, and smoke hashish; nonetheless, he found the way to be constantly producing works. It is said that he could always find the time to draw, activity that he himself described as ‘graphic gymnastics’; this is one of the main motives that makes me admire him, since he devoted his life to painting. He actually was very prolific, having 400 pieces attributed to him, even though he destroyed many of his work or used it as currency in order to survive in spite of having a dissipated life and finding a tragic ending at the age of 35.

I retain the simplicity and liberty with which Amadeo Modigliani painted, since it makes me believe that, if one wants to be a painter and says that he is, one must believe it and not wait for someone else to believe it in order to fulfill this dream for us. Take a pencil or a brush and practice ‘graphic gymnastics’, the other things will arrive as well.

These are my #TwoCoins about Amadeo Modigliani. Thank you very much and see you next time.