Mental Gymnastics

Publicado el Tuesday, November 20, 2018

#Nono is a space that was born as a result of learning about topics related to painting and art, which, just as you, have always inspired me, which is why I’ve always procured to be constantly aware of this topics and, whenever I can, to buy a book. When I cannot, I simply open the door to internet to be continuously training myself in a reference frame, which we can understand as a network that has as its most important task to support and liberate our mind in order for it to fly and make pirouettes with the tranquility of doing it knowing the topic, for the more we research, the more elastic and resistant our network will be.

Let’s do together an exercise that consists of researching about any topic related to painting or art that has taken your attention and consult three sources about it. Of course, we’re talking about serious sources that are true and, above all else, please us for the way they make us connect with information. What do you think? Who wants in? As you know, you’re all welcome to #Nono.

The other day, a person asked me if I talked about the topics in this space ‘as they came to my mind’. Honestly, I always procure to inform myself and search all kinds of references such as semantic and technical, or even from the perspective of the uses and customs related to the topic. Once I’ve plundered the idea a little in my head, I start writing by hand on paper sheets or on the walls of the #IdeasRoom of #Bluesantinos, the marketing agency I co-founded with a friend. And, once I decide to close the writing phase, I transfer it to the computer and post it in this blog.

Doing this was so pleasant and gratifying that I decided to open this mental gymnastics more and I started to video record me live, meaning, no script: ‘as they come to my mind’; because, when video recording myself, I feel the magic of spontaneity and I retain the vibe of knowing that I always procure to seek a two-ways communication with all of you.

I would love for us to do this mental gymnastics together… like when our moms, in the seventies, used to gather and do gymnastics around a record player, but, in reality, they wanted to chat and, boy, they surely did. Media has changed nowadays, but the important thing is and will always be to feed curiosity to know each other’s opinion.

Please leave your opinion or, as ‘millennials’ would say, leave your ‘comment’ so you can be part of this thought collective. I am your friend #nono. Thank you very much.

See you soon.