‘I like to romp on the back of memories...

only to celebrate the joy of being alive’.

The Flattery of the minimum

The great reward that every project discipline offers is the sensation of elevating interior dialog and finding with it the impulse to keep walking in search of answers that only our passion can give us; rubbing on the adrenaline of feeling eternal to keep on the adventure of being a painter.

Without a doubt, one of my highest pretentions is to offer in mi work the reflection of my thoughts, soften by my most intimate dreams; The Flattery of the minimum is to romp on the bosom of memories only for the pleasure of convincing oneself to keep painting for no more reason than celebrating the joy of being alive. 


Under the depths

20" X 20" inches


48" X 51" inches

This is me

48" X 51" inches

The Long-Haired Cat II

38" X 51" inches

This is not me

32" X 39" inches

Ernst Girl

32" X 39" inches